1. Hygiene and sanitation can make Healthy India is basis of development of our country.
  2. Support is provided to moments capacity building programs and initiatives which are grass roots and relevant to the vision.
  3. Youth are encouraged to positively engaged in people friendly governance mechanisms which enables them to integrate justice peace and development .
  4. Vulnerable communities enhance their capacity and protect their lives and livelihood and assets against the impact of hazards.
  5. Gender equality is an integral part and women are at the forefront of the governance, access and control over resources.
  6. Excluded communities avail support and services for health to make better India.
  7. To strengthen women in the expression of their full potential and rightful plea in the society.
  8. To initiate awakening process.
  9. To try integrated and sustainable models of community health and rural development using peoples participatory approach.
  10. To strengthen community voices through advocacy efforts.
  11. To encourage development of a democratic Process towards people’s solidarity .
  12. To build the capacity of people and organizing Book Fair/Seminar for book sellers, publishers.

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